Digging Deep Into Ankylosaurid Behavior

Best known for their heavily fortified exterior, ankylosaurids may have also defended themselves against large land predators through digging.

Caught In the Act: Fossilized Remains Of A Nesting Dinosaur

For the first time ever, scientists have found a 70 million year old fossil in China capturing a dinosaur nesting on a clutch of unhatched eggs.

Asian Scientist Magazine’s January 2021 Roundup

Starting the year with surprising uses for human waste in space and ancient worm fossils, here are five of Asian Scientist Magazine’s top pieces from January 2021.

Burrowing Into The Bobbit Worm’s Behavior

Using trace fossils, scientists have reconstructed the 20-million-year-old lair of giant marine worms in northeast Taiwan, providing insights into the predator's behavior.

Ancient Shellfish Sailed The Seas On The Shells Of Turtles

Colonizing the shells of live sea turtles might have allowed mollusks to encounter previously unexplored niches, scientists say.

120-Million-Year-Old Ancient Croc Walked On Hind Legs

Paleontologists were puzzled by the absence of hand impressions at the excavation site, given that modern-day crocodiles are four-legged.

Cambrian-era Parasite Stole Ancient Brachiopod’s Food

A study from China has found evidence for the oldest known parasite–host relationship in the fossil record.

On The Trail Of An Ancient Animal

The death march of an ancient segmented creature sheds light on the origins of segmented bilaterian animals.

Scientists In Japan Uncover New Dinosaur Species

The researchers have named the duck-billed dinosaur Kamuysaurus japonicus, or the deity of Japanese dinosaurs.