Owls That Ventured Out In The Sun

Fossil records unearthed in China suggest that a now-extinct owl species hunted during the day rather than at night.

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A Dino Locked Inside A Bird Skull

A tiny bird skull uncovered in China provides clues to early birds’ jaws sharing similar functions with their dinosaur ancestors than modern birds.

Shining Light On Why Beetles Glow

The discovery of a a 99 million year old amber fossil from Myanmar offers insight into how and why beetles began to glow.

New Human Lineage Discovered In Indonesian Cave

By analyzing fossil genetics, researchers have uncovered a new human lineage, expanding the narrative of ancient Southeast Asian populations.

How Early Humans Survived The Toba Eruption

Despite the climate impacts of the Toba eruption 74,000 years ago, our early ancestors in Africa were likely shielded from the catastrophe's worst effects.

Asian Scientist Magazine’s June 2021 Roundup

Across Asia, scientists are uncovering the paths walked by ancient animals and looking for new ways to tackle dengue and climate change.

Dragon Man Discovery Rewrites Evolutionary History

The ‘Dragon Man’ skull uncovered by researchers from China could be a new species more closely related to modern humans than Neanderthals.

Ancient Giant Rhinos Found In China

Move over, woolly mammoth! A new species of giant rhino that roamed ancient Asia’s open landscapes could be among the largest land animals that ever lived.

Tell-Tail Signs Of A New Asian Dinosaur

Based on its highly distinctive tail, scientists have uncovered the remains of a large dinosaur known as a rebbachisaurid in Uzbekistan—the first of its kind in Asia.

Asian Scientist Magazine’s March 2021 Roundup

Embark on a billion-year scientific odyssey through Asian Scientist Magazine’s top stories from March 2021.