Jurassic ‘Squirrels’ Push Back Evolution Of Mammals

The discovery of three squirrel-like fossils in China suggests that mammals first appeared much earlier than previously thought.

Avatar’s Flying Reptiles Soared In Ancient China

Scientists discover that flying reptiles first seen in a science-fiction film may really have existed hundreds of millions of years ago in China.

520 Million Year Old Brain Fossil Found

The well-preserved fossil of the predator Lyrarapax unguispinus shows that they had much simpler brains than their prey.

High-Tech Imaging Dispels Dinosaur Stampede Theory

3D modelling reveals that dinosaur footprints at Lark Quarry were made by a herbivore, making the stampede theory unlikely.

Tibetans Breathe Easy With Gene From Extinct Humans

A specific mutation in the EPAS1 gene inherited from extinct hominids known as Denisovans could have helped Tibetans adapt to life at high altitudes.

Arctic Foxes Trace Ancestry To Tibet

Scientists say that the newly identified Tibetan fox is the ancestor of modern day arctic foxes, suggesting that animals used the Tibetan Plateau as a stepping stone to Arctic adaptation.

Math Confirms Dinosaur Classification

Scientists have used mathematical and statistical methods to ascertain the classification of the dinosaur Serendipacerotops arthurcclarkei.

New Pterosaur Fossils Unearthed In China

Fossils found at the Turpan-Hami Basin provide new information about the biology of pterosaurs from the Early Cretaceous.

Ancient Fossil Fishes Had ‘Six Pack’ Abs, Study

A new study has uncovered 380 million-year-old armor-plated fishes that preserve the oldest muscles ever discovered in a vertebrate.