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Asian Patients Should Get Lower Dose Of Kidney Cancer Drug

Singaporean mRCC patients could see a 30 percent reduction in their drug fees thanks to a lower dosing regiment.

Enabling Patient-Specific Cancer Predictions

OncoIMPACT can make sense of highly complex omics data, using them to produce personalized cancer predictions.

Taking The Guesswork Out Of Kidney Cancer

The molecular test kit for kidney cancer helps to classify patients according to their predicted response to existing drugs.

Clinician-Researcher Iain Tan Wins 2014 Singapore Youth Award

In recognition of his contributions to cancer research in both the clinic and the lab, Dr. Iain Tan has been awarded the 2014 Singapore Youth Award.

Experts Discuss Latest In Hematology Research At Suntec Singapore

Hematology experts gathered at Suntec Singapore from March 29-30, 2014 to discuss the latest in blood disorders research.

New Center To Use Circulating Tumor Cells In Clinical Diagnostics

A new center at the Singapore General Hospital will facilitate the use of circulating tumor cells in clinical diagnostics.

Bile Duct Cancers Have Country-Specific Characteristics

Scientists have found that bile duct cancers from Singapore, Thailand, and Romania are very different when analyzed at the molecular level.

3 Stomach Cancer Subtypes That Should Be Treated Differently

Stomach cancer falls into three broad subtypes that respond differently to currently available therapies, according to a new study.

Scientists Find Link Between Aristolochic Acid And Liver Cancer

A joint Singapore-Taiwan research has revealed a link between aristolochic acid (AA) and liver cancer.