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Johnson & Johnson Innovation Invests US$3.9 Million In Singapore R&D

Three Singapore-based teams working on myopia, cancer and liver disease will receive funding over the next three years.

Sniffing Out The Durian’s Genome

A team of cancer researchers in Singapore has sequenced the genome of the 'king of fruits,' uncovering the genetic basis of the durian’s pungent odor.

Personalizing Treatment For Cancer Patients

Two studies from Singapore have shown that a personalized approach could benefit patients suffering from cancer.

Stem Cells Used For Personalized Liver Drug Screening

Testing cancer drugs on liver cells made from the stem cells of patients could help reduce the incidence of adverse drug responses, researchers say.

Gene Variation Could Protect Against ‘Chemobrain’

A genetic variation in the BNDF gene affects whether women undergoing chemotherapy experience the side effect of cognitive impairment.

Teasing Out The Differences Between Breast Fibroepithelial Tumors

Researchers have mapped the genetic landscape of two distinct forms of fibroepithelial tumors, paving the way for more targeted screening and treatment.

Water Researchers Recognized At 2015 PSTA

PUB Chairman Mr. Tan Gee Paw and membrane technology research Professor Neal Chung have been recognized at the 2015 President’s Science and Technology Awards.

Singapore’s NCCS & IMCB Collaborate On Cancer Research

A total of eight principle investigators from both institutions will hold joint appointments to facilitate translational research on cancer.

Treating Colon Cancer With Leukemia Drug

A study in mice suggests that the leukemia drug Imatinib could also be used to treat and prevent colon cancer.

The Genes Behind Colorectal Cancer Relapse

Researchers are developing a diagnostic test for metasizing colon cancer based on the patient's genetic profile.