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Why I Want To Be A Clinician Scientist

Ivan Seah, a first-year Singaporean medical student, writes about why he wants to become a clinician scientist someday.

Genetic Variant That Increases Lymphoma Risk In Chinese Discovered

A team of researchers has uncovered a gene variant that increases the risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma in ethnic Chinese.

Researchers Identify New Type Of Intestinal Lymphoma

Researchers have identified a new type of deadly intestinal lymphoma that is particularly common in Asia.

Novel Gene Mutations Implicated In Bile Duct Cancer Caused By Liver Fluke Infection

Investigators from Singapore and Thailand have discovered new bile duct cancer-associated gene mutations that are caused by a type of parasitic flatworm infection.

Critical Genes Mutated In Stomach Cancer Identified

A Singapore-based large-scale genomics study has identified more than 600 genes that are mutated in stomach cancer, the second-most lethal cancer worldwide.

It’s In The Genes: East Asians More Likely To Be Resistant To Some Cancer Drugs

A gene variant commonly found in individuals of East Asian descent, but not in African or European people, may be responsible for resistance to targeted cancer drugs used to treat certain types of leukemia and lung cancer.

Treatment For Stomach Cancer To Be Decided By Genomic Classification Of Tumors

Researchers in Singapore have found that stomach tumors can be classified into two distinct disease variants that respond differently to chemotherapy.

Predictor Of Deadly Cancer Common In Asia Discovered

Researchers have identified a novel prognostic indicator in one of the most common malignant tumors in southern China and Southeast Asia.