New Center To Use Circulating Tumor Cells In Clinical Diagnostics

A new center at the Singapore General Hospital will facilitate the use of circulating tumor cells in clinical diagnostics.

AsianScientist (Jan. 28, 2014) – National Cancer Center Singapore (NCCS) and Clearbridge BioMedics have signed a partnership with Singapore General Hospital (SGH) to establish a new center that will use circulating tumor cells in clinical diagnostics.

The Circulating Tumor Cell Center of Research Excellence (CTC CoRE) is part of Singapore’s efforts to advance the development of personalized medicine. It will make use of Clearbridge BioMedics’ ClearCell® FX system, first invented at the National University of Singapore.

Researchers at the center will also develop novel CTC diagnostic assays to enable clinicians to obtain real-time feedback of treatment efficacy.

“Circulating tumor cells have the potential to become a powerful tool in how oncologists diagnose, treat and manage cancers. Setting up this CTC CoRE facility will allow our researchers to characterize these cells real-time, even as a patient’s tumor evolves due to treatment and time,” said Professor Soo Khee Chee, director of National Cancer Center Singapore.


Source: National Cancer Center Singapore; Photo: nghonhei/Flickr/CC.
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