South Asia’s Dengue & Chikugunya Burden Much Higher Than Expected

Although 93 percent of the people tested had been previously infected, only one percent was aware that they had been ill from dengue.

Crystallizing A New Approach To Malaria Vaccination

Researchers have uncovered potentially transmission-blocking epitopes of the mosquito midgut protein AnAPN1, spurring the design of mosquito-based vaccines.

Surprise Split In Population Of Monkey Malaria Parasite

Monkey malaria is on the rise in Malaysia, possibly driven by two divergent strains of the mosquito-borne parasite.

Guilin Pharma Launches Anti-Malaria Film In Africa

In partnership with the National Malaria Control Program, Guilin Pharma has produced an educational video to promote malaria prevention.

Scientists Develop ‘Breath Test’ For Malaria

Chemicals in the patient's breath could one day be used to detect malaria infections.

Will Wolbachia Work? Model Says Yes

Introducing Wolbachia bacteria into the dengue-carrying mosquito population could reduce the number of dengue infections, especially in high transmission settings.

The Long & Short Of Mosquito Legs

An understanding of how insects such as mosquitoes walk on water could lead to better aquatic robots.

Mosquito-Borne Diseases: Lessons From Nepal

Research on dengue and malaria in Nepal could have implications for other mountainous regions affected by climate change.

Sniffing Out An Artificial Insect ‘Nose’

Insect odorant receptors on tiny balls of cells have been used to develop biosensors for gaseous compounds.