‘London Underground Mosquito’ Active All Year Round In Australia

Australia has plenty of 'home grown' mosquitoes but one introduced species is active all year round, according to a new study.

Studying Animals To Improve Human Health

Research into animals, both common and obscure, are yielding insights into human health that are not always expected, writes Shuzhen Sim.

Bacteria-Infected Mosquitoes Are Resistant To Malaria, Study

Scientists report the establishment of a strain of malaria-resistant mosquitoes.

Global Burden Of Dengue Is Triple Current Estimates, Study Says

The global burden of dengue infection is more than triple current estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO), a new study says.

Study’s Asian Dengue Estimates Are Too Low, Says Expert

An expert says that fresh estimates of the number of cases of dengue fever in South-East Asia and one country in South Asia are too low.

New Malaria Compounds Target Parasite At Multiple Stages

Researchers have identified a new class of anti-malarial compounds that target multiple stages of the malaria parasite's life cycle.

Ocean Temperatures Give Early Warning Of Indian Malaria

Researchers have developed a model that allows malaria epidemics in arid northwest India to be predicted four months in advance.

Researchers Find Key Markers For Drug-Resistant Malaria

An international team of scientists are launching a major study of drug-resistant malaria in Myanmar.

Dengue Vaccine Shows Efficacy In Thai Clinical Trial: Sanofi Pasteur

Sanofi Pasteur announced on Thursday promising efficacy results of its dengue vaccine candidate in an efficacy trial conducted in Thailand.