marine biology

Revealing The Demon Starfish’s Weakness Through Its Genes

The genome of the Crown-of-Thorns starfish is helping scientists develop ways to control the reef-wrecking predator.

How Life Returns After A Tsunami

First, small fish with short lifespans return; larger, longer living fish return more slowly.

East Asian Dust Storms Linked To Algal Blooms

Dust storms like the one that hit China in 2010 dump iron into the oceans, sparking massive algal blooms.

7 Must-Read Stories In September 2016

Whether it's self-driving cabs or university rankings, stories about Singapore were popular in September.

Ironically, Camouflaging Octopi & Squids Are Colorblind: Study

While they can effortlessly blend with the colors of their environment, cephalopods like cuttlefish, squid and octopus are themselves colorblind.

How Do Lobsters Eat Venomous Jellyfish? The Secret’s In Their Poo (VIDEO)

By examining fresh lobster feces, researchers have found that the creatures secrete membranes that protect their intestines from jellyfish venom.

The Genetic Dance Of Corals & Algae

In the very early stages of coral symbiosis—four hours, to be exact—algae induces significant changes in coral gene expression.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Neo Mei Lin

Neo Mei Lin, a research fellow at the Tropical Marine Science Institute in Singapore, champions marine conservation—particularly of the iconic giant clam.

Vibrating Male Fiddler Crabs Shake It Up For Love

To lure females into their burrows, male fiddler crabs produce vibrations that indicate their suitability as a mate.