marine biology

Trailblazing Women In Science

To mark this year’s International Women’s Day, we spoke to five women scientists from Asia who are breaking barriers and leading their fields. They also have a message for younger women researchers.

Double The Fight: Driving Change In Wrestling And Conservation (VIDEO)

With her relentless fighting spirit, marine scientist and pro wrestler Naomi Clark-Shen works to safeguard sharks and stingrays from overfishing.

How Cone Snails Use Sex Pheromones To Lure Prey

By releasing molecules mimicking the pheromones of fire worms, cone snails have found a way to turn their prey's natural sex drive into a lethal weapon.

Four Asian Scientists Named 2021 Pew Marine Fellows

As Pew Marine Fellows, four researchers from Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and China will address some of the biggest challenges facing our oceans.

Marine Biologist Among Winners Of Singapore Youth Awards 2019 (VIDEO)

Dr. Neo Mei Lin is known for her research on giant clams and the conservation of marine ecosystems.

Giant Clams’ Poop Hosts Symbiotic Algae

Fecal pellets from adult giant clams are home to photosynthetic algae that play important roles in the nutrition of coral reefs, scientists find.

How Brainless Brittle Stars Move Their Limbs

The difference between five- and six-legged green brittle stars has helped scientists understand how the sea creatures coordinate movement without neural activity.

Scientists Sequence Okinawan Sea Grape Genome

Not only did researchers in Japan decode the genome of the Okinawan sea grape, they also compared the genome to 15 other plant genomes to shed light on plant evolution.

Whale Sharks Eat Their Veggies Too

Blood tests reveal that whale sharks off the coast of Okinawa consume significant amounts of plants and algae.

Raising Awareness Of Microplastics In The Ocean

Marine biologists Professor Chou Loke Ming and Dr. Neo Mei Lin discussed the topic of microplastics pollution in the oceans with members of the public.