marine biology

Asian Scientist Junior Book Series Launched

Children and parents were treated to an educational book reading session and had the opportunity to interact with a real-life scientist.

Wildtype Books Successfully Launches Asian Scientist Junior Book Series

The beautifully illustrated book series on six scientists from Asia was supported by a Kickstarter campaign and donation from City Developments Limited.

Filipino Marine Scientist Receives L’Oréal-UNESCO Fellowship Grant

Dr. Charissa Marcaida Ferrera, who studies the impact of nitrogen and phosphorous contamination on water bodies, received the equivalent of US$7,600 to support her research.

Philippine Senator Moves To Commend Scientists On 2018 AS100 List

Senator Leila de Lima is asking the Philippine senate to give due distinction and support to Filipino academicians, scientists, researchers and inventors.

7 Must-Read Stories In April 2018

A boycott of a yet-to-be launched paywalled research journal and a peek at the denizens of the deep all made the top news in April 2018.

7 Bizarre Deep Sea Creatures Discovered In Indonesian Waters

Scientists from the South Java Deep Sea Biodiversity Expedition 2018 have released preliminary findings from their 14-day exploration of the deep sea off the coast of West Java.

Taking The Pulse Of The Ocean

The University of Hong Kong has launched the MarineGEO-Hong Kong project, a part of the global initiative to quantify marine biodiversity.

Worm Genomes Reveal The Path Of Evolution

Scientists in Japan have gained new insights into the genetic similarities between distantly related animal groups by analyzing the genomes of two species of worms.

Decoding The First Sea Mussel Genome

The deep-sea mussel is the first large seafloor dweller to have its entire genome sequenced.