7 Must-Read Stories In September 2016

Whether it’s self-driving cabs or university rankings, stories about Singapore were popular in September.

AsianScientist (Oct. 7, 2016) – Just in case you missed any of them, here are seven must-read stories published on Asian Scientist Magazine in September 2016.

  1. Self-Driving Cabs Hit Singapore Streets
    Select members of the public will be invited to hop onto a nuTonomy self-driving car within the one-north business district.
  2. ExPace, China’s Very Own SpaceX
    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or so they say. The Chinese have branched out into commercial space with the launch of their ExPace Technology Corporation.
  3. Zika Outbreak In Singapore Alarms Region
    The number of Zika cases in the country surged to 275 in just ten days from the start of the outbreak on August 27.
  4. Hooray! The Giant Panda Is No Longer An Endangered Species
    What an upgrade: the giant panda is no longer listed as endangered, but is now a vulnerable species.
  5. Mola Mola’s Genome May Explain Its Gigantic Size
    Researchers have sequenced the genome of the ocean sunfish, focusing particularly on growth hormone signalling genes to understand its freakish growth spurts.
  6. Singapore Universities Top In Asia: QS World Uni Rankings 2016/17
    The National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University are also the only two Asian institutions in the top 20 of the rankings table.
  7. Singapore Among World’s Healthiest Places To Live
    Iceland, Singapore and Sweden are the healthiest out of 188 countries studied in the 2015 Global Burden of Disease Study.

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