Small Bite, Big Threat

Mosquitoes, flies, ticks and bugs may be a threat to your health and that of your family, warns the World Health Organization.

Drug-Resistant Malaria Gaining Ground In SE Asia

Although malaria deaths and diagnoses have declined, a worrying drug-resistance is emerging in Southeast Asia.

7 Must-Read Stories In January 2014

Here are seven must-read stories from the January 2014 issue of Asian Scientist Magazine.

Takeda, MMV Partner To Study Anti-Malarial Compounds

Takeda Pharma will collaborate with Medicines for Malaria Venture to study two new anti-malarial compounds.

7 Must-Read Stories In December 2013

Here are seven must-read stories from the December 2013 issue of Asian Scientist Magazine.

Scientists Discover Potential Malarial Vaccine

Scientists have discovered a key process during the invasion by the malaria parasite and a way to block it.

The Public Health Cost Of Quasi-Science

Speculation about scientific theories without studying the facts may have negative public health consequences. Shuzhen Sim examines why.

African Fever Patients Often Misdiagnosed With Malaria

Scientists have found that many African patients hospitalized with fever are wrongly diagnosed with Malaria when they have other infections.

Studying Animals To Improve Human Health

Research into animals, both common and obscure, are yielding insights into human health that are not always expected, writes Shuzhen Sim.