Takeda, MMV Partner To Study Anti-Malarial Compounds

Takeda Pharma will collaborate with Medicines for Malaria Venture to study two new anti-malarial compounds.

AsianScientist (Jan. 2, 2014) – Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited has entered into an agreement with Medicines for Malaria Venture to study DSM265 and ELQ300, two anti-malarial compounds, with the support of the Global Health Innovative Technology Fund.

New compounds are urgently needed to fight malaria as resistance to current medicines is growing. DSM265 and ELQ300, which kill the malaria parasite through inhibition of essential enzymes, are anti-malarial compounds with a long duration of action.

DSM265 has entered clinical Phase I studies and has so far shown a good safety profile, the company says. ELQ300, a preclinical candidate, may become an important tool in the control of malaria with the potential for low-dose cures or prophylaxis of the disease.

Under the agreement, MMV will conduct DSM265 clinical studies in collaboration with Takeda using Takeda’s research and development expertise. MMV and Takeda will also collaborate to solve a challenging formulation issue for ELQ300 using Takeda’s chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC) expertise in solid oral dosage form development.


Source: Takeda Pharmaceutical Company; Photo: US Army/Flickr/CC.
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