Slash-And-Burn Farming Linked To Malaria Risk

Slash-and-burn farmers in Bangladesh are exposed to a higher risk of malaria infection.

‘Malarial Barcode’ Spurs Sequencing In India

Scientists have developed a genetic barcode that could be used to help track the emergence of drug-resistant malaria strains.

Malaria Drug Doubles As Anti-Asthmatic

Artesunate, currently used to treat malaria, could help asthmatics control their symptoms with fewer side effects.

Drug-Resistant Malaria Widespread In SEA

Scientists raise concerns of drug-resistant malaria sweeping across Southeast Asia.

From Tanks To Malaria Parasites

A new malaria diagnosis method based on anti-tank missile technology is more sensitive and can detect the disease at an earlier stage than current methods.

Thinking Out Of The Box For Malaria Research

The open access Malaria Box project by Medicines for Malaria Venture has led to nine peer reviewed papers and unexpected discoveries for diseases other than malaria.

Infrared Light Puts Malaria To The Test

A new diagnostic method is able to detect malaria at an earlier stage of infection, exposing the parasites before they hide away in tissues.

One Third Of Malaria Drugs Failed Quality Tests

A systematic review of over 9,000 analyses since 1946 found that 30 percent of the antimalarial drugs from Asia, Africa and South America failed quality tests.

Ten Thousand Paper Microscopes For Citizen Scientists

Scientists hope that the cheap and sturdy low cost microscopes will enable the diagnosis of diseases such as malaria to be crowdsourced.