lung cancer

Using Big Data To Personalize Cancer Treatment

Researchers have identified a panel of 29 extracellular matrix genes that can determine how different lung cancer patients respond to treatment.

CRISPR Screening Identifies Important Tumor Suppressor Genes

Using gene editing to systematically screen a large number of tumor suppressor genes, researchers in China have identified five genes linked to lung tumor growth.

Mutations More Common In Asian Lung Tumors

In Asians, lung tumors are more genetically diverse, with implications for treatment response, according to research by scientists in Singapore.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Tan Min-Han (VIDEO)

Dr. Tan Min-Han is on a mission to improve the detection of cancer using liquid biopsies.

The Pathway Of Lung Cancer Progression

Targeting a protein that enhances the invasiveness of cancer cells could help treat lung cancer, researchers say.

Fosun Pharma, Intuitive Surgical Establish Joint Venture in China

The two companies will research, develop, manufacture and sell robotic-assisted, catheter-based medical devices in China and beyond.

‘Water Pill’ Prevents Lung Cancer Drug Resistance

A cheap diuretic could extend the effectiveness of existing lung cancer drugs, research suggests.

Chinese Scientists To Carry Out First Human Gene Editing Trial For Lung Cancer

Researchers in China will be testing the revolutionary CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technique in a lung cancer trial.

OncomiRs, A Promising Target To Treat Lung Cancer

Researchers have discovered a class of small RNA molecules, known as oncomiRs, which is responsible for fueling lung cancer.