lung cancer

Philippine ‘Sponge’ Campaign Warns Smokers About Tar In Cigarettes

Eight provinces across the Philippines today launched a new campaign to warn people about the harms of tar in cigarettes.

Chinese Electronic Waste Sites May Be Linked To Lung Cancer Risk

A new study says residents in an rural Chinese village near an electronic waste dump are more likely to develop lung cancer than their peers in the heavily polluted Guangzhou city.

Gene Variations Linked To Lung Cancer In Asian Women

An international group of scientists has identified three genetic regions that predispose Asian women who have never smoked to lung cancer.

Del Mar Pharma Announces Strategic Collaboration In China

Del Mar Pharma announced on Monday a strategic collaboration with Guangxi Wuzhou Pharmaceutical Company for the development of VAL-083, known in China as DAG for Injection.

Climate Change Denial Linked To Free Market Ideology, Study

Researchers from Australia have examined what motivates people who are greatly involved in the climate debate to reject scientific evidence.

Discovery Of Novel Fusion Gene: Hope For Targeted Treatment Of Lung Cancer?

Four research groups, including three based in Asia, have independently identified a novel fusion gene found in a subpopulation of lung tumors.

Study: More Than Half Of Hookah Websites Don’t Include The Word “Tobacco”

Of the growing number of hookah smoking websites on the Internet, fewer than one percent included a tobacco-related warning on their homepage, says a new study.

A*STAR, GE Global Research To Develop Cancer Imaging Technologies

GE Global Research and A*STAR have signed an agreement to develop clinical cancer imaging technologies and diagnostics.

ASLAN Pharma To Develop Bristol-Myers Squibb’s BMS-777607 Compound

ASLAN Pharma and Bristol-Myers Squibb will co-develop an investigational small molecule inhibitor of the MET receptor tyrosine kinase for treatment of solid tumors.