korea advanced institute of science and technology

3D Printing Helps Batteries Break The Mold

By replacing lithium ions with zinc ions and relying on 3D printing, researchers can now fabricate rechargeable batteries in a range of shapes and sizes.

‘Bubble Coat’ Reduces Drag On Underwater Objects

Using a coat of compressed air, researchers in South Korea have managed to significantly reduce drag forces on a moving body in water.

Programming Silk For Wearable Electronics

Scientists have used calcium ions to modify silk fibroins, creating a reusable, biocompatible adhesive for electronic and pharmaceutical applications.

Skin Hardness A Better Measure Of Body Temperature

Scientists in South Korea have found that human body temperature can be better estimated by measuring skin hardness in addition to skin temperature and sweat rate.

Donut-Shaped Electrodes Make Li-S Batteries More Durable

Researchers in South Korea have developed a donut-shaped lithium sulfide cathode that boosts the lifecycle of lithium sulfur batteries.

Spray-On Electronic Skin Helps Robots Feel

Researchers in South Korea have developed a sensor that can be sprayed onto three-dimensional surfaces to allow robots to sense touch.

Lee Sang Yup Wins 2018 Eni Award

Lee was recognized for his work in metabolic engineering, which has resulted in the sustainable development of chemical products, fuels and non-food biomass materials.

Wearable LED Device Helps Mice To Regrow Hair

Researchers in South Korea have developed a flexible, wearable device that speeds up hair growth in mice.

Bacteria Tweaked To Produce Free Heme

Researchers from South Korea have devised a way to produce free heme using engineered Escherichia coli strains.