korea advanced institute of science and technology

Tiny Ultrasound Device Stimulates Mouse’s Brain

Using a lightweight capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer, researchers in South Korea were able to noninvasively stimulate the mouse brain to a depth of three to four millimeters.

Fabricating Silky Electronics On Demand

Using photolithography instead of solvents, scientists in South Korea are now able to integrate silk fibroins with microelectronic components.

Blue-Enriched White Light May Help Alertness

Researchers in South Korea have demonstrated that blue-enriched white light is associated with lower levels of melatonin and reduced sleepiness.

KAIST And Kenya Partner On Education, R&D

KAIST will develop academic curricula for six initial departments at Kenya's first advanced science and technology institute.

Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Power Up With Titanium Nitride

By creating a conductive and robust host for sulfur, researchers in South Korea have found a way to improve the performance of lithium-sulfur batteries.

Making Flexible Screens That Won’t Crack

Researchers have developed transparent and flexible displays for electronic devices by controlling the distance and interaction between organic polymer chains.

Scientists Create ‘Google Map’ For Metabolic Engineering

A team of scientists in South Korea has created a comprehensive metabolic map of pathways for synthesizing industrial bio-based chemicals.

Sound Turns Surfaces Into Touchscreens (VIDEO)

Scientists in South Korea have devised a method to use sound to locate touch on a surface, which could allow any surface to function as a touchscreen.

Parasite Eyes Inspire Ultrathin Camera

Researchers in South Korea have engineered an ultrathin digital camera based on the eye structure of Xenos peckii, a type of wasp parasite.