korea advanced institute of science and technology

Flexible Polymers For Natural Gas Storage

An international team of scientists has designed a material that can be used to store natural gas more efficiently.

DNA Micropatch Helps Pattern Gold Nanorods

By controlling the orientation of DNA chains on a surface, scientists in South Korea can in turn manipulate gold nanorods to create surfaces with unique optical and electronic properties.

Fueling The Future

Green is the new black when it comes to meeting the world’s energy demands, and biofuels have a major role to play in securing a sustainable future.

DNA Damage In Early Life Linked To Lung Cancer

Using whole-genome sequencing techniques, researchers in South Korea have found that some lung cancer-associated mutations can occur decades before the disease presents itself.

Engineered Microbes Make ‘Essence Of Grape’

By optimizing the levels of an enzyme in bacteria strains, researchers in South Korea have found a way to produce grape flavoring without requiring toxic acid catalysts.

Nanozyme Mimics Natural Peroxidase Activity

By doping graphene with nitrogen and boron, scientists in South Korea have create enzyme-like nanomaterials that could be used in bioassays.

Finding The Right Pair Of Antibiotics To Fight Resistant Bacteria

An on-chip screening method allowed scientists in South Korea to identify synergistic pairs of antibiotics for treating stubborn infections.

Pinholes Filter Photons For Better 3D Holographic Displays

By placing a titanium film riddled with holes behind an off-the-shelf LCD display, scientists in South Korea found a straightforward way to produce holograms.

Clothes As Display Screens? Scientists Are Working On It

Researchers in South Korea have found a way to protect polymer solar cells and organic light emitting diodes from moisture, paving the way for wearable, washable displays.