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Flies Wreak Havoc On Japan’s Endangered Orchids

Scientists in Japan have demonstrated that endangered orchid species in the country are being threatened by seed-eating flies.

Once Eaten By Birds, Stick Insects Get The Ride Of Their Lives

For stick insects, becoming bird food isn’t the end of the road, but may be the start of a long-distance journey.

Fixing Carbon Dioxide With Cyanobacteria

Japanese researchers have used genetic engineering to improve the conversion rate of carbon dioxide to succinate by cyanobacteria.

Rare Rotavirus Strain Identified In Indonesian Children

Genetic sequencing reveals that a third of the acute gastroenteritis cases affecting children in Indonesia from 2015 to 2016 were caused by a rare strain of rotavirus.

Gene Editing Blocks HIV Transmission In Cells

Researchers have used gene editing to block the replication of HIV in human cells.

Even Children Value Equal Outcomes

The concepts of fairness and equal outcomes are valued even in five- to six-year-old children, according to researchers in Japan.

Flower Disguises As Mushroom To Get Pollinated

Scientists in Japan have discovered that the flowers of the ‘cast iron plant’ mimic mushrooms to attract fungus gnats, which assist with pollination.

Gels That Don’t Break Under Pressure

Researchers in Japan have developed a robust ionic liquid gel that could be used as an electrolyte for rechargeable batteries or membranes for gas separation.

Indonesia’s Silent Carriers Of Norovirus

Scientists in Japan have identified asymptomatic infection as a mode of transmission of norovirus in Indonesia.