kobe university

Mesocrystals Make Hydrogen Production Ten Times More Efficient

A group of Japanese researchers has developed a photocatalyst that can make hydrogen production ten times more efficient.

Breaking Through The Energy Conversion Efficiency Barrier

Researchers at Kobe University have designed a solar cell that is a hundred times more effective at preventing energy loss than previous methods.

Albino Orchids And The Secret Of Fungal Partnerships

Genes specific to this albino orchid variety may explain how some plants have ditched photosynthesis to become parasites on fungi.

When In Doubt, Horses Look To Humans For Help

When horses feel like they can't solve their problem, they call humans for help.

NTU Partners Japanese Institutions In Emerging Research Fields

NTU, Kobe University and Nippon Shokubai have embarked on research partnerships in the emerging fields of biomedical materials and data science.

Predicting Cytomegalovirus Risk Before Birth

Researchers have developed a method of testing for cytomegalovirus infections during pregnancy, reducing the damage done to developing fetuses.

This Newly-Discovered Orchid’s A ‘Cheater’

Do not be deceived by its delicate looks—this species of orchid lives off nutrients obtained via a bizarre, symbiotic plant-fungi relationship.

How Saturn Put A Ring On It

What are the distinctive rings of Saturn, Neptune and Uranus made of? The fragments of nearby large objects that were destroyed by tidal forces.

Researchers Discover Fungal-Plant Hybrid That Practices ‘Closed Marriage’

The plant species, discovered on the subtropical Japanese island of Kuroshima, derives its nutrition from host fungi.