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Ice Or Not To Ice A Muscle Injury

Applying ice to a severe muscle injury may prolong the recovery process, researchers from Japan have found.

Peak Performance

Designed with general purpose users in mind, the Fugaku supercomputer has the performance and energy efficiency of a GPU-accelerated machine but remains easy to program.

Ultrathin Membrane Sifts Oil From Water

Researchers in Japan have coated a polymer with silica to devise a membrane that effectively separates oil from water.

Engineering Yeast To Perform Green Chemistry

By genetically modifying yeast, a team of scientists in Japan has managed to produce 1,2,4-butanetriol in a more environmentally-friendly manner.

Endangered Eels Found Using eDNA

Based on DNA shed by organisms into the environment, scientists in Japan have found a way to measure the distribution of endangered eel species in Japan.

Finding The Cause Of Muscle Loss In Diabetes

Using mouse models of diabetes, scientists have identified the proteins WWP1 and KLF15 as key players in muscle loss under diabetic conditions.

A Bone To Pick With Vit D

Scientists in Japan have found that vitamin D signaling promotes the pathological accumulation of collagen fibers in bone.

Wasps, Roaches And Crickets Are Pollinators Too

Wasps, crickets and cockroaches play a vital role in the pollination of the non-photosynthetic plant, Mitrastemon yamamotoi.

Planetary-Scale Cloud Streaks Spotted On Venus

An infrared camera and supercomputer simulations have revealed planet-spanning cloud streaks over the surface of Venus.

AKARI Finds Signs Of Water In Asteroids

A Japanese research team has used the infrared camera aboard the AKARI satellite to detect the presence of hydrated materials inside C-type asteroids.