Celgene Buys The Rights To BeiGene’s Checkpoint Inhibitor

BeiGene will acquire Celgene's commercial operations in China and exclusive license to Celgene's China cancer commercial portfolio.

Scientists Trace The Development Of New Immune Cell Type

In a comprehensive analysis of the complete dendritic cell lineage, researchers have identified a new type of immune cell that can be targeted for developing vaccines and immunotherapy.

Takeda Invests US$125 Million In Maverick’s T-Cell Platform

Maverick Therapeutics Inc. and Takeda will collaborate to develop a biologics platform for T-cell immunotherapy over the next five years.

Tasuku Honjo Wins 2016 Keio Medical Science Prize

Honjo was recognized for his discovery of PD-1, a negative regulator of immune responses, as well as his subsequent work in the field of immunotherapy.

Sorrento, 3SBio Enter Immunotherapy Joint Venture In China

The joint venture agreement will develop and commercialize proprietary immunotherapies using chimeric antigen receptor T-cell technology.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Professor Tasuku Honjo

Tasuku Honjo has made two groundbreaking discoveries in the field of immunotherapy—the well-earned fruits of a 50-year-long career.

PD-1 Overexpression Helps Cancer Cells Evade Immune Attack

A genetic alteration that allows cancer cells to evade attack could indicate if expensive antibody treatments are effective for particular patients.

BGI, Clearbridge BioMedics To Collaborate On Liquid Biopsy Technology

The technology requires only a simple blood draw for 'omics analysis or genetic profiling at the single cell level.

8 Immune Genes Linked To Brain Cancer Death Risk

A set of eight immune system genes may play a role in how long people can live after developing glioblastoma multiforme, a common type of brain cancer.