Immunologists Awarded Inaugural Tang Prize

Professors Tasuku Honjo and James P. Allison share the inaugural Tang Prize in Biopharmaceutical Sciences, Asia's Nobel Prize equivalent.

Innate Cooperation Can Kill Tumors

Scientists have found that the innate immune system also participates in the killing of tumor cells.

Agreen Acquisition Enhances CBMG’s T-Cell Portfolio

China's Cellular Biomedicine Group acquires Agreen for US$3.38 million in cash in addition to stock units.

Lipids: The New Target For Cancer Immunotherapy

Lipids, rather than proteins, expressed by leukemia cells are a promising new target for T cell-driven cancer immunotherapy.

NeoStem & CBMG Embark On Phase II Trial For Liver Cancer

The Phase II trial for patients with late stage liver cancer will examine the effectiveness of a dendritic cell-based therapy.

Non-Toxic Cancer Treatment On The Way?

Researchers have developed and tested a “Trojan horse” treatment for cancer in mice, raising hopes for non-toxic human cancer treatment.