Enzyme ‘Snitches’ On Cancer Cells To The Immune System

By cutting DNA in the nucleus of a cancer cell, the enzyme MUS81 reveals their location to immune cells, triggering an attack.

An Antibody Approach To Preventing Sepsis

Research in mice suggests that a new antibody-based therapy could be a valuable weapon in the battle against sepsis.

WuXi AppTec & Juno Therapeutics Set Up Cell Therapy Company

US-based biopharmaceutical Juno Therapeutics and China-based open-access R&D company, WuXi AppTec, have joined forces in setting up a cell therapy company.

Targeting Cholesterol To Make T-Cells Better Tumor Killers

A drug already in human trials to treat atherosclerosis could also boost killer T-cell activity against tumors, researchers say.

Genetically Engineered Killer T-Cells That Seek Out Brain Tumors

Researchers have engineered CAR T-cells to specifically identify and destroy brain tumors in mouse models.

Early Clinical Trial Success For Rheumatoid Arthritis Vaccine

A small clinical trial has shown that a dendritic cell-based vaccine against citrullinated peptides could treat rheumatoid arthritis.

CBMG Acquires CD40LGVAX Technologies

Building on positive Phase I results, the CD40LGVAX vaccine will undergo further trials in the second half of 2015.

Innovent & Lilly Announce US$456 Million Cancer Drug Deal

Innovent and Lilly form a broad alliance to develop at least three cancer drugs over the next decade.

WuXi To Build Third Cell Therapy Facility

The company's third cell therapy manufacturing facility will focus on chimeric antigen receptor T cells for cancer immunotherapy.