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How Dams Damned Thailand’s Birds

The Chiew Larn Dam Reservoir, constructed three decades ago, has had a negative impact on bird diversity, according to researchers in Thailand.

Dams Threaten Chinese Sturgeon Population, Scientists Say

Scientists have found that the Yangtze dams have precipitated an ongoing decline of the Chinese sturgeon, a critically endangered fish.

HKU Confers Two Professors With Honorary University Fellowships

Professors in geotechnical engineering and orthopedic surgery were conferred Honorary University Fellowships by the University of Hong Kong.

The Unintended Pitfalls Of ‘Green’ Energy

‘Green’ energy may not be as environmentally friendly as previously thought, according to research by scientists in Hong Kong.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Quenching Asia-Pacific’s Insatiable Thirst For Energy

We turn the spotlight on the Asia-Pacific region, which will consume more than half of the world's energy by 2035.

Dammed If You Do, Damned If You Don’t?

Giant dams like the Three Gorges Dam and Xayaburi Dam look set to radically shape the hydropower sector in Asia. But at what cost?

Small Hydropower ‘Safer’ Than Big Dams In The Himalayas

Particularly in quake-prone areas like the Himalayas, smaller dams could be cheaper and safer.

Himalayas ‘Too Seismic’ For Big Dams

Scientists have raised concerns that the ambitious dam projects planned in the Himalayan region do not adequately account for seismic activity.

China’s Second Largest Hydropower Plant Starts Operation

China's second-largest hydropower station officially started operation this month after a three-day test run.

PM Singh: India To Double Renewable Energy Capacity By 2017

During his keynote speech at yesterday's Fourth Clean Energy Ministerial, PM Manmohan Singh pledged to double India's renewable energy capacity by 2017.