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Using ‘Time Stamps’ To Understand The Birth Of Our Universe

Theorists have proposed that you can confirm theories of how our universe was created using ‘time stamps’ called primordial standard clocks.

Betting Big On The Brain

Professor Nancy Ip blends the latest technologies with the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, all in the name of solving challenges such as Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Liu Kai

Could we one day help those with spinal cord injuries walk again? This month's rising scientist Assistant Professor Liu Kai is working on it!

Cooking With Chloraminated Water Could Create Toxic Molecules

Chloraminated water can interact with iodized table salt during cooking to form new compounds that are highly toxic, scientists warn.

How Thin Film Superconductors Withstand Strong Magnetic Fields

Internal magnetic fields in thin films of MoS2 help them to withstand external magnetic fields of up to 37 Tesla, scientists say.

MIT Announces Innovation Node In Hong Kong

MIT is set to launch an innovation node in Hong Kong next summer to develop new enterprises in the region.

Singapore Leads The Asian Pack For QS’ 2015/2016 Ranking

The 2015/2016 Top Universities Ranking from Quacquarelli Symonds Company placed NUS and NTU at 12th and 13th, respectively.

A Crystal-Clear View Of DNA Unwinding

Thirty years after the MCM2-7 complex was first linked to DNA replication, scientists have finally solved its structure.

Mouse Spinal Nerves Regrown After One Year

Inhibiting the proteins PTEN has helped mice regenerate corticospinal tract neurons even one year after injury.