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Tighter Air Quality Standards Could Save Millions Of Lives In China

Bringing China's air quality to the World Health Organization's standards could help prevent three million deaths a year.

Glowing Molecules 3x More Efficient Than LEDs

The metal-free phosphorescent molecules glow three times as brightly as LEDs at room temperature.

Driving Toward More Efficient Organic Solar Cells

Scientists have developed organic solar cells which can convert 9.5 percent of sunlight's energy to electricity.

Solving The Autism Puzzle Through Postsynaptic Density

Irregularities to the protein-rich compartments in neurons may contribute to various brain disorders like autism and seizure, scientists say.

2016 QS Uni Rankings: Singapore Universities Retain Their Lead

The National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore are first and third respectively in this year's rankings.

Lasers + Silicon Wafers = Boost To Big Data

By fabricating tiny lasers directly on silicon wafers, researchers can integrate photonics with electronics, and with greater efficiency too.

Protein Found To Slow Onset Of Alzheimer’s

The protein interleukin-33, which regulates immune function, has also been found to reduce deposits of beta-amyloid plaques in the brains of mice.

Light, G-Proteins, Action! The Script For Optical Nerve Healing

The combination of light-activated neuronal activity and enhanced G-protein signaling has been shown to help re-grow damaged axons in mice.

Gut And Inner Ear Hair Cells Share Striking Similarities

The similarities in appearance and function of gut microvilli and stereocilia could help scientists to identify mutations of genes that may cause digestive diseases.