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Food For Thought: Technologies Transforming The Food Supply Chain

These five innovations are taking root in Asia to make the food supply chain speedier and more sustainable.

From Soy Whey Water To Sustainable Beverages

By offering invaluable food science and business advice, Dr Ong Mei Horng is helping SinFooTech to get their innovative and sustainable alcoholic beverage market ready.
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Meet The Man With A Mission: Accessible Nutrition (VIDEO)

By harnessing nutritious ingredients from cell-based milk, TurtleTree Executive Vice President Yip HonMun is on a mission to make protein production affordable and sustainable.

Cooking Up Shelf-stable Sauces For International Markets

Using the combination of food science and technology, IPI Innovation Advisor Dr Rebecca Lian helped pave the way for FG Food Industries’ international expansion.

Meet The World’s First Microalgae Burger

Burger lovers, rejoice! The world's first burger patty made from microalgae packs a protein punch at a fraction of meat's environmental cost.

The Frontiers Of Food

The key to securing long-term food security is investing in innovative technologies like alternative proteins, said experts at IPI’s AgriFood Innovation Webinar.

Technology Is Tackling Some Of Agriculture’s Thorniest Issues

There is both a science and art to agritech, and when used correctly it can reverse the biggest challenges farmers face, from climate change to super-invasive pests.

Pushing The Frontiers Of Food Innovation (VIDEO)

Dr. Ralph Graichen, senior director of the Food, Nutrition and Consumer Care Cluster at A*STAR, Singapore, is spearheading initiatives to promote food innovation in Singapore.

Nuts & Bolts—Take A Bite Out of Food Innovation

Fresh, filling and functional foods: Three TechOffers to shake up the food value chain.

Food For Thought: Technology Tackling Food Trends

From fighting food fraud to countering contaminated cuisine, local start-ups are using technology in innovative ways to ensure higher-quality food products.