Food For Thought: Technologies Transforming The Food Supply Chain

These five innovations are taking root in Asia to make the food supply chain speedier and more sustainable.

AsianScientist (Apr. 4, 2022) – “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe,” astronomer Carl Sagan once famously quipped. While the actual food production process isn’t quite as drastic, fresh produce still needs to travel from the farm to get to hungry consumers. Imported food, in particular, has to traverse supply chains that can span oceans and continents.

However, inefficiencies along food supply chains like logistical delays, long transport times and inadequate storage space or packaging technology often result in food spoiling before they reach the grocery shelves. In Singapore, for example, nearly a fifth of all imported fresh produce is lost this way each year. But such food loss may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to five technological developments that are serving up food more efficiently.

This infographic was first published in the January 2022 print version of Asian Scientist Magazine.
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Yi-Di Ng is a writer with a background in genetics research and a passion for stories, writing and communicating ideas. She is currently pursuing her Masters degree in English Literature.

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