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7 Must-Read Stories In October 2018

October was Nobel season—check out our stories on Physiology or Medicine laureates Professor Tasuku Honjo (2018) and Sir Richard J. Roberts (1993).

7 Must-Read Stories In September 2018

Asia's ascendance on the global research stage was a central theme of this month's most-read articles.

Turning Soy Pulp Into A Probiotic Drink

Scientists in Singapore have used a cocktail of enzymes, probiotics and yeast to produce a nutrient-rich beverage from food waste.

Plant-Based Preservative Delays Food Spoilage

Singapore-based scientists have discovered a method to manufacture flavonoids in yeast, also showing that these flavonoids can prolong the shelf life of food.

Nanocellulose Fibers Block Fat Uptake By Half

Nanocellulose fibers prevented the absorption of dietary fat from the guts of mice, researchers say.

Printable Sensors Sniff Out Rotten Food

A research group in China has developed a wireless sensing device that detects odors from meat which has gone bad.

Nanoparticles Make Pesticide Detection Super Sensitive

Using polystyrene coated magnetic nanoparticles, scientists in Singapore were able to detect trace amounts of pesticide on vegetables in less than two hours.

Sniffing Out Wagyu Beef’s Alluring Aroma

Using gas chromatography techniques, scientists in Japan have discovered the molecules responsible for the characteristic aroma of Wagyu beef.

The Secret To A Sound Sleep Lies In Sugarcane

A substance commonly found in sugarcane, rice bran and wheat germ can reduce stress and restore sleep in mice.