food science

Upcycling Brewery Waste For Eco-Friendly Beer

Scientists in Singapore have devised a method to turn brewery waste into a nutritious liquid that can be used to grow brewer's yeast.

Beware: Trans-Fats Are Nastier Than Previously Thought

Trans-fatty acids can directly promote cell death leading without increasing the levels of reactive-oxygen species, study shows.

Drinking Iced Tea May Up Cholera Risk In Endemic Areas

Drinking iced tea has been linked to outbreaks of cholera in Vietnam.

A Re-Usable Catalyst For Vanilla Flavor Production

Scientists in India have discovered a greener method to producing vanillin, the main flavor compound in vanilla.

Health Risks Loom As Fast Food Sales Increase In Asia

The huge growth in sales of fast food and drinks has major health implications for people in Asia, researchers say.

How Rice Forms Resistant Starch

Good news for Asia's rice-loving diabetics: scientists may have found a way to increase rice's content of resistant-starch.

Food Security At The Forefront

The NTU Food Technology Center will research key issues in food security such as antimicrobial resistance in food microorganisms and the sustainability of food production.

Have Your Seaweed (And Drink It, Too)

The National University of Singapore is collaborating with a food manufacturer on food and drink products made from eucheuma, a type of seaweed with an array of health benefits.

Cambodia And Belgium Strengthen Ties Through Agro-Food Partnership

Universities and partner institutions in Europe and Southeast Asia are partnering on the Erasmus Plus program to further knowledge in agriculture, food science and technology.