drug delivery

Nanoparticle Drug Reverses Parkinson’s-Like Symptoms In Rats

Researchers have used nanoparticles to deliver dopamine to the brains of rats, reversing Parkinson's-like symptoms without side effects.

Enlisting Exosomes Against Whole Tumors

By exploiting transport systems known as exosomes, researchers have developed a system that can deliver anti-cancer drugs uniformly to the whole tumor.

Harnessing Nature’s Design To Reduce Chemo Side-Effects

Using a naturally occurring protein, scientists have designed a drug nanocarrier that can deliver high doses of cancer drugs to tumors.

Nanosheets Roll On Command

Scientists from OIST have developed an optically traceable nanosheet that is responsive to pH.

Encapsulating Drugs In Green Tea ‘Missiles’

Scientists have used an antioxidant in green tea to make cancer drug delivery more precise and potent.

New Platform Packs A Three-In-One Punch

Photodynamic therapy, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy have been combined in a single therapeutics and diagnostics platform.

DNA Origami Delivers Anti-Cancer Drug

DNA origami could be used to deliver harmful anti-cancer drugs in a more targeted fashion, study shows.

Synchrotron Uncovers Nanostructure Of Milk

Scientists say that understanding the nanostructure of milk could lead to the development of vitamin-enhanced milk or even new forms of drug delivery.

Gold Nanoshells Help Deliver Cancer Drugs

Gold nanoshells capable of delivering drugs specifically to cancer cells have been created by researchers in China.