drug delivery

Green Tea Nanocarriers Load Up On Cancer Drugs

Researchers have developed a green tea-based nanocarrier system that can carry up to 88 percent of its weight in cancer drugs.

Precision Drug Release With Pumpkin-Shaped Molecules

Scientists have developed light-responsive molecules for the controlled release of chemotherapy drugs to cancer cells.

Molecular Machines Make Drug Delivery More Precise

Researchers in Hong Kong have developed macromolecules with ‘mechanical arms’ that can actively control the delivery of drugs released to targeted cancer cells.

Shining A Spotlight On Vitamin C

Scientists in Japan have invented a probe that allows the tracking of vitamin C in the bodies of mice.

Microneedle Patch Zaps Tummy Fats Away

Scientists in Singapore have created a micro-needle patch that helps control weight gain and fat accumulation.

Aptamers To Help Reduce Chemotherapy Side Effects

Researchers in Hong Kong have combined aptamers with anticancer drugs to specifically target ovarian cancer cells.

Smart Glucose Monitor Both Senses And Dispenses

This miniature test strip can not only detect the levels of glucose but can also automatically release the right amount of drug in response.

Sugar-Coated Catalysts That Work In Live Mice

Carbohydrate structures called glycans could help researchers send metal catalysts to specific tissues without the need for time-consuming antibody development.

How The Body Reads Sugar-Labelled ‘Addresses’

Researchers have shown that different patterns of glycan attachment can affect how proteins are distributed in the body.