drug delivery

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Yu Chengzhong

Despite their small size, novel nanomaterials can have a huge impact on everything from vaccines to batteries, according to Professor Yu Chengzhong.

Corkscrew Design Helps Drug Delivery Robots Stick To Cancer Cells

Researchers in South Korea have developed a microrobot shaped like a corkscrew with a needle at its end for drug delivery.

Positioning Biotech Start-ups For Success

From sourcing for investments to commercializing products, a panel of experts shared their advice for biotech start-ups at A*STAR’s Drug Development Week.

A Gold-Laced Protein Cage For Drug Delivery

By including gold atoms in the fabrication process, researchers in Japan and Poland have created nano-sized protein cages with ‘impossible’ geometries.

WuXi STA And BioLingus Partner On Drug Delivery

The collaboration leverages BioLingus' platform for stabilizing and delivering drugs via tissues under the tongue.

Shielding Drug Delivery Nanoparticles From Proteins

By coating drug-containing nanoparticles in a shield of engineered proteins, scientists have created a targeted drug delivery system that may improve cancer treatment.

Jackie Ying Receives 2018 TÜBA Academy Prize

Professor Jackie Y. Ying is the first woman to receive the TÜBA Academy Prize in the Science and Engineering Sciences category.

Programming Silk For Wearable Electronics

Scientists have used calcium ions to modify silk fibroins, creating a reusable, biocompatible adhesive for electronic and pharmaceutical applications.

Folding Drugs Into DNA Origami To Kill Tumors

Scientists in China have devised a nanotechnology platform to deliver interfering RNAs and anticancer drugs to tumors.

Biodegradable Microneedles Painlessly Deliver Drugs To The Eye

Scientists in Singapore have developed a microneedle patch that could be used to treat eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.