GHIT Fund Secures US$200 Million For Second Phase

The Government of Japan will contribute roughly half of the US$200 million replenishment, with the remainder provided by partners including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Home-Based Heart Monitoring Powered By Paper

Chinese researchers have developed a paper-based test strip that could help heart failure patients monitor their condition at home.

Seeing Live Mice Light Up In 3D

Scientists have used a palm-sized Compton camera to produce multicolor in vivo images in 3D.

One Biomed & A*STAR Create Lab For Molecular Diagnostic Assays

One Biomed and A*STAR have established a joint laboratory to develop a molecular diagnostic platform for infectious diseases in Asia.

Spinning Pee To Detect Cancer

Researchers in South Korea have developed a fast and simple method to detect cancer biomarkers from bodily fluids like blood or urine.

Sieving Out MicroRNAs In A Matter Of Milliseconds

Scientists in Japan have developed a nanobiodevice that can separate microRNAs from DNA in the fraction of a second.

AI Matches Doctors’ Ability To Diagnose Rare Eye Disease

An artificial intelligence platform called CC-Cruiser has proven to be as effective as human doctors in diagnosing congenital cataracts.

New PCR Primer Database Aims To Prevent Diseases From Going Viral

This comprehensive public database of PCR primers for RNA viruses could help the fight against future epidemics.

10 Awesome Reasons To Love Supercomputers

From their sheer scale to the multitude of things they can do, there are many reasons to love supercomputers. Here are just ten of them!