Forging New Paths In Cancer Diagnostics

HistoIndex is partnering with the University of Malaya and Pathomics Health to roll out an integrative diagnostics platform for the holistic analysis of patient tumor biopsies.

WuXi AppTec & Mayo Clinic To Jointly Develop Diagnostics

The collaboration will focus on co-developing new diagnostic tests and offering existing ones to health care providers and patients in China.

Genetic Profiling Predicts Stomach Cancer Risk

Singapore scientists have analysed the genomes of nearly 3,000 patients to identify genomic signatures associated with higher risk of developing stomach cancer.

Analyzing Living Tissue With Mass Spectrometry

Scientists in South Korea have developed a mass spectrometry imaging system to analyze living biological samples at micrometer-level resolution.

Nanowire Device Detects Cancer Markers In Urine

Researchers in Japan have developed a nanowire device capable of detecting microscopic levels of molecular markers in urine that may be associated with cancer.

A Sticky Upgrade For Paper-Based Tests

Scientists have developed a method to test for metal ions in both liquid and solid samples using paper and adhesive tape.

AI-Powered Microscope Automatically Spots Malaria Parasites

An advanced microscope producer in China has developed an artificial intelligence-powered microscope that automatically detects malaria parasites in blood smears.

The Early Warnings Signs Of Addiction

Computational analysis has helped scientists detect the early warning signs of addictive drinking behavior in rats.

Clearbridge BioMedics Joins CANCER-ID Consortium

Clearbridge BioMedics is the first Asian biotechnology company to join the CANCER-ID consortium for blood-based biomarker evaluation.