Clearbridge BioMedics Joins CANCER-ID Consortium

Clearbridge BioMedics is the first Asian biotechnology company to join the CANCER-ID consortium for blood-based biomarker evaluation.

Shedding Light On Bacterial Infections

Scientists have replaced blood agar plates with flurophores for detecting hemolytic bacteria.

Detecting TB Using Paper And Smartphones

Scientists in Taiwan have developed a paper-based, smartphone-readable test for the detection of tuberculosis infection.

When Your Doctor Knows It All

IBM Watson is changing the practice of healthcare in both hospitals and homes with its ability to learn and apply huge volumes of information.

NTU Partners With NNI For Neurology Research

NTU Singapore and NNI are collaborating to bring engineers and clinicians under one roof to conduct research on neurological diseases.

Repurposing Brain Imaging To Detect Kidney Disease

Scientists have used brain imaging techniques to replace invasive biopsies in diagnosing kidney diseases.

Medicine’s New Stethoscope

Detecting cancers with a blood test sounds simple enough, but is it just hype or are liquid biopsies here to stay?

Lightning-Fast Flu Virus Detector Is 100 Times More Sensitive

Researchers have used conducting polymers to develop a flu virus detector that is faster and a hundred times more sensitive than commercially available tests.

GRAIL And Cirina Join Forces For Early Cancer Detection

GRAIL and Cirina have entered an agreement to form a global company focused on the early detection of cancer.