Searching For Signs, Not Symptoms

Blood biomarkers for Alzheimer’s can betray the presence of diseaseassociated changes in the brain decades before symptoms set in.

7 Must-Read Stories In July 2018

This month’s most-read articles revolved around clinicians and researchers working at the interface of scientific disciplines.

Five Questions With The Founder: Xander Sim Of Cell ID

Resist the urge to re-invent the wheel, and your products could be on the market more quickly, advises Xander Sim of Cell ID Pte Ltd.

‘Velcro’ That Traps Prostate Cancer Cells

Scientists have developed an inexpensive detector that works like Velcro to capture prostate cancer cells on frosted glass slides, allowing for easy diagnosis.

Diagnosing Glaucoma In A Blink

The GonioPEN causes less discomfort and can detect glaucoma more quickly and less expensively than current diagnostic methods.

Microfluidics Enable Low-Cost, Label-Free Disease Diagnosis

Scientists have developed a microfluidic chip that can detect and quantify biomolecules without any fluorescent labels.

Pop In Your Contact Lenses To Read Your Glucose Levels

Researchers in South Korea have developed smart contact lenses that can monitor glucose levels using tears.

Terahertz Microfluidics Enables Label-Free Detection

By generating terahertz waves in close proximity to a microfluidic channel, researchers in Japan have developed a device which could be used to detect cancer, diabetes and the flu.

AYOXXA Launches LUNARIS™ Protein Analysis System In Asia

Combining the advantages of a bead-based multiplexing approach, the reliability and scalability of plate-based formats and the simplicity of image-based analysis, the LUNARIS™ Protein Analysis System enables researchers to maximize their insights from precious biological samples.