diagnostic test

Rapidly Detecting Drug-Resistant HepC

A nested PCR-based assay has been shown to rapidly and accurately detect drug-resistant strains of the hepatitis C virus.

Dengue Day 2015: Top Dengue Stories On Asian Scientist

Want to catch up on the latest happenings in dengue research over the past year? Look no further!

GHIT Fund Deepens Support For Schistosomiasis & Leishmaniasis

An additional US$11 million has been committed to developing diagnostics and drugs for neglected tropical diseases.

Computers Make Three Minute Stroke Diagnosis

Computer-assisted stroke diagnosis could provide time-strapped doctors with a reliable second opinion.

Diabetes Screening In India Predicted To Be Ineffective

Large-scale diabetes screening would be hampered by a high false positive rate if glucometer-based screening tools are used, according to simulations.

Gaining A Diagnostic Edge In Single-Sample Individuals

A computational framework that converts node data into edge data could help researchers identify causal networks in single-sample patients.

Mapping The Evolution Of The 2014 Ebola Outbreak

Researchers have sequenced 175 full-length Ebola genomes, detailing the evolution of the virus during the 2014 outbreak.

China’s Ebola Diagnostic Kit Approved By WHO

Shanghai ZJ Bio-Tech's Ebola test kit has received both Chinese FDA and WHO approval.

Scientists Develop ‘Breath Test’ For Malaria

Chemicals in the patient's breath could one day be used to detect malaria infections.