diagnostic test

New Diagnostic Tool For Diabetes In Asia

Malaysia will officially adopt HbA1C as a diabetes diagnostic tool in late 2015 as a supplement to the existing blood glucose test.

BGI Announces Clinical Results Of Prenatal Test

BGI's non-invasive prenatal test (NIFTY®) has shown to be highly sensitive and specific in a trial involving close to 150,000 pregnancies.

Distinguishing Between Active And Latent TB

A panel of cytokines and chemokines could act as a marker that accurately distinguishes active from latent TB infections.

Samsung Delves Into Diagnostics With Thermo Fisher

In partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific, Samsung Electronics seeks to break into the healthcare diagnostics market.

J&J’s New Innovation Center To Serve Asia

Johnson & Johnson Innovation announces R&D collaborations with universities and industry partners along with opening of its Asia Pacific Innovation Center.

Accurate, Non-Invasive Test For Alzheimer’s

A non-invasive blood test based on miRNA could improve the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease to as high as 91 percent accuracy.

Spotting Refractory Epilepsy Early With Scalp EEG

Scientists have developed an automated and quantitative method of diagnosing epilepsy in children based on scalp EEG.

Diagnose Ebola In 30 Minutes

Japanese researchers have developed a way to diagnose Ebola in 30 minutes and without expensive equipment.

Targeting Malaria’s Achilles’ Heel, Hemozoin

A waste product from the malaria parasite provides researchers with an elegant alternative to conventional diagnosis methods.