clean technology

Mekong Dam May Cause Food Security Threat, Study

The planned hydropowered dams on the Mekong River could jeopardize food security for 60 million people, according to a study.

Southeast Asia’s Largest Solar Plant: Sunny Bangchak

Southeast Asia's largest solar plant is expected to offset 800,000 tons of carbon over 25 years and contribute to Thailand's renewable energy goals.

OPINION: Japan’s Nuclear Restarts Not A Done Deal

Despite the challenges, Ryan Schaffer says there remains a strong case to be made for nuclear energy in Japan, as its reactors are being replaced primarily by fossil fuels.

Nanostructures To Harness Hydrogen Energy Potential

Engineers in Australia have demonstrated that hydrogen can be released and reabsorbed from a promising storage material, overcoming a major hurdle to its use as an alternative fuel source.

Chinese Academy Of Sciences, Uni. Of Leeds Open Joint Research Institute

The University of Leeds and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have established a joint research institute to develop next generation energy storage systems.

Rich Nations Should Do More On Climate, Say Chinese

Greenhouse gas cuts pledged by developed countries will not be enough to stop temperatures rising by 2 degrees by 2100, according to Chinese researchers.

Does The Chinese Emissions ‘Error’ Matter?

Recent analyses that China's carbon dioxide emissions might be 1.2 gigatons or 20 percent higher than previously estimated have generated something of a feeding frenzy in the media.

Ex-NPCIL Chief Elected Chairman Of WANO Tokyo Center

At a recent Governing Board meeting, ex-NPCIL chief Dr. Shreyans Kumar Jain was elected chairman of the World Association of Nuclear Operators Tokyo Center.

Renewable Energy And Civil Society In Post-Fukushima Japan

Wind energy, particularly in the Hokkaido and Tohoku regions, should play a significant part of Japan's new energy policy, writes Sebastian Maslow of Tohoku University.