clean technology

PM Singh: India To Double Renewable Energy Capacity By 2017

During his keynote speech at yesterday's Fourth Clean Energy Ministerial, PM Manmohan Singh pledged to double India's renewable energy capacity by 2017.

Energy Security In The Asian Century

Asia's energy use would lead to a doubling of carbon dioxide emissions unless it fundamentally changes the way it consumes energy, says a new ADB report.

Solar “Power” Couple Win Australia In The Asian Century Award

A solar "power" couple have been honored with an award recognizing visionary Australian citizens living and working abroad.

After Fukushima: The Future Of Nuclear Power In Asia

Before the nuclear disaster at Fukushima on March 11, 2011, Asia was seen as the nuclear powerhouse of the future, but the situation has changed since then, writes Vlado Vivoda.

Solar ‘Sponge’ To Soak Up Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Coal power station emissions could be reduced by a new, energy-efficient material that adsorbs carbon dioxide then releases it when exposed to sunlight.

Chinese Solar Panel Maker Joins WWF’s Climate Savers Program

A Chinese solar panel maker has become the first Chinese company to join WWF's Climate Savers program.

China’s New Approach To Renewable Energy

Chinese companies are using innovative business models to deliver renewable energy technology, writes Eric Knight.

In Search Of A Good Dam On The Mekong

Plans to harness hydropower potential in the Lower Mekong Basin for the first time has led to a search for a good dam.

In The Mekong, Science – Not Guesswork – Must Prevail

With the livelihoods of 60 million people on the line, science - not guesswork - must prevail, writes WWF International Director General Jim Leape.