clean technology

Tohoku Launches Condensed Matter Nuclear Reaction Division

The Research Center for Electron Photon Science will conduct experiments with the aim of finding a theoretical explanation for cold fusion.

Obtaining Benzenes From Biomass

A catalyst that can selectively cleave the carbon-oxygen single bonds in lignin could lead to a new way to produce aromatic chemicals such as benzene.

NTU & Alstom Partner On Energy Research

The partnership between NTU and Alstom will see the implementation of a microgrid solution first at NTU and subsequently at the Semakau landfill.

Mind The Clean Energy Skills Gap

Even if there is sufficient political will to address global warming, we may not have the resources or skilled labor to make the transition to clean energy, scientists caution.

Consider Nuclear, For Biodiversity’s Sake

Nuclear energy should be considered to prevent biodiversity loss from converting land to renewable energy uses, researchers say.

This Self-Tinting Window Powers Itself

Researchers at NTU have developed a self-tinting window that doubles up as a transparent battery.

Splitting Hydrogen With Nanowire Mesh

Taking a leaf out of the paper industry, researchers have developed a nanotechnology-based system that uses light to split water.

New Materials Reach Record Efficiencies

Affordable and efficient solar power is now one step closer to reality with the ability to control polymer morphology via temperature.

Plastic Bricks Could Protect Indian Homes From Monsoons

Turning plastic waste into bricks could help to both reduce landfills as well as make homes more rain-resistant.