Tohoku Launches Condensed Matter Nuclear Reaction Division

The Research Center for Electron Photon Science will conduct experiments with the aim of finding a theoretical explanation for cold fusion.

AsianScientist (Apr. 14, 2015) – In collaboration with Japanese clean energy company Clean Planet Inc., Tohoku University has established the Research Center for Electron Photon Science to study condensed matter physics.

Condensed matter nuclear reactions (CMNR) are ultra-low-energy nuclear reactions observed in a condensed matter arising from cold fusion. Although extensive research has been conducted since its discovery in 1989, the phenomena cannot yet be explained theoretically.

Through this joint research collaboration, researchers will obtain basic data on nuclear reactions in anomalous heat generation phenomena as well as in nuclear transmutation phenomena in the hopes of developing a theoretical understanding.

The joint research division will carry out research and development for at least four years. If successful, it hopes to enhance the basic data of the CMNR, deepen the understanding of CMNR’s mechanism and develop new technology for clean energy and innovative radioactive waste processing.


Source: Tohoku University.
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