cardiovascular disease

Folic Acid: Not Just For Pregnant Women

When taken together with anti-hypertensive drugs, folic acid supplements can help reduce the risk of stroke.

Only 0.2% Of Chinese Population Has Ideal Heart Health

The authors of a study on cardiovascular health in China warn of a looming epidemic of heart disease.

Stress And The City

Stress manifests itself in physical symptoms more often than we would like.

Luye Acquires Jialin for US$600 Million

Luye Pharma strengthens its position in China's cardiovascular drug market with the US$600 million acquisition of Beijing Jialin Pharmaceutical.

Incense Use Linked To Cardiovascular Disease

Study shows that daily incense use is associated with a higher mortality rate due to cardiovascular disease.

Mouse Hearts Undergo Pre-Teen Growth Spurt

If replicated in humans, the finding that heart cells have the capacity to divide long after birth could lead to regenerative treatments for heart disease.

How Polar Bears Cope With Fat

Understanding how polar bears adapted to their high-fat diets could lead to new ways of preventing fatty plaques and treating cardiovascular disease.

Tianjin & AstraZeneca Collaborate On Cardiovascular Disease

Tianjin Medical University and Astrazeneca will collaborate to develop soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibitors for the treatment of cardiac fibrosis.

AstraZeneca To Partner Shanghai Institutes In Cardiovascular Diseases Research

AstraZeneca and the Shanghai Institutes of Biological Sciences have signed an agreement to collaborate in cardiovascular disease research.