cardiovascular disease

Eating Fruit Daily Reduces Risk Of Heart Attacks

A study of half a million people in China has found that just 100 grams of fruit per day can cut the risk of cardiovascular mortality by a third.

Gene Targeting Reverses Heart Fibrosis In Mice

By using gene targeting to introduce the CCN5 protein into the heart, researchers have managed to reverse cardiac fibrosis in mice.

The Cost-Effectiveness Of Treating Hypertension In China

Treating patients with anti-hypertensives could prevent up to a million cardiovascular events in China each year.

Cardiovascular Disease On The Rise In Asia, Particularly Japan

Unlike the West where hypertension rates have remained constant, Japan is facing worsening incidence rates.

Bayer & Singapore’s EDB To Foster Translational Research

Bayer Healthcare deepens its existing cooperation with Singaporean institutions, announcing five year plan to launch at least three new joint research projects.

Taking Nano Big: A Conversation With Subbu Venkatraman

We speak to Professor Subbu Venkatraman, founding director of the NTU-Northwestern Nanomedicine Institute, on how he is leading an international effort to ramp up nanomedical research in Singapore.

NUS Partners Agilent On Cardiovascular Medicine

NUS researchers will have access to Agilent's latest bioanalytical instruments for studies on cardiovascular and other drugs.

The Link Between Eating Out And High Blood Pressure

Eating even one meal out can raise the odds of pre-hypertension in young adults by six percent, study says.

Big Data Reveals Reasons For Rise Of CVD

Deaths from cardiovascular diseases are on the rise, driven by a growing and aging population.