cardiovascular disease

In Sickness & In Health: Married Couples Share Susceptibility To Heart Disease

Wives of men with major cardiovascular disease risk factors—namely hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidemia—are more likely to suffer from the same disorders.

7 Must-Read Stories In March 2019

Stories about outstanding scientists topped the charts in the month of March, but readers were also curious about feats of engineering and studies about diseases.

Dietary Fatty Acids Raise Hypertension Risk In Diabetics

Researchers in Japan have found that dietary fatty acid intake in diabetic patients may increase hypertension risk.

A Pacemaker Powered By The Beating Heart

By bonding piezoelectric layers to a flexible plastic frame, scientists in China have designed a pacemaker that could harvest energy from a beating heart.

Taking The Pulse Of Living, Beating Heart Muscle Cells

A research group in Japan has created a sensor to more accurately assess the behavior of heart muscle cells in vitro.

Low Vitamin D May Raise Risk Of Death In Older Men

Researchers in Thailand reported that vitamin D insufficiency was associated with a 77 percent higher mortality risk among older Thai Men.

Watching Plaques Form In Real-Time

A team of researchers in Japan has developed a method to image the progression of atherosclerosis in mice.

Singapore Honors Outstanding Researchers At PSTA 2018

The awards recognize scientists who have helped place Singapore on the map of global research.

How Immune Cells Keep Arteries Supple

Special white blood cells that express a protein called LYVE-1 are responsible for maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels, scientists say.

Overlapping Probe Allows Detailed Scans Of Heart Vessels

By overlapping the sound and optical waves, researchers have made artery imaging technology that is much more sensitive and detailed.